Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year

Year 2013 was an year of change and impact in the field of internet and web technology. The new year brings along the new hope, new chances and new opportunities.

PcPatchers Technology wishes all a happy and eventful year. May the year 2014 bring along luck, opportunities and achievements. 2014 heralds for a new era in web solutions. Pcpatchers Technology brings you a wide range of Web solutions like web design, SEO, E commerce and web applications and other range of web services at an affordable rates. Choose from our web services packages. With the new year we commit ourselves to the new mission of providing the same customer satisfaction with new and updated web technology. Contact us for our range of web services at new and affordable rates and packages. Best services and quality is the complimentary.

Have a Cheerful and Happy New Year!!


Google Penguin changed the SEO world!

Google Penguin recovery services

You lost your keyword ranking and not traceable with particular keywords? Looks like you fall victim of Google Penguin update. All the work you have done till now on SEO front have gone down the drain because of Penguin update. This all starts with an email from Google warning you about unnatural links you built for your keywords, but no need to panic. Now you need Google Penguin recovery services from our experts to minimise the loss and recover from it. You may consider our unnatural link removal solution to overcome this situation and to gain your lost keyword ranking you may obtain our Penguin friendly SEO services.

Bad link or Unnatural link removal process-

Once you sign up for this service, your case will be handled by some of the most experienced and skilled professionals in the industry. These experts analyse each and every incoming link thoroughly and create a profile report. Once analysis of all incoming links is done, these experts contact the website owners and try every possible mean to persuade them to delete these links immediately.

Detailed Description of Our bad Link Removal Plan:

  •  Complete analysis of each Back link profile.
  • Create detailed report of these audited profile.
  • Determine if the website is over optimised of anchor text issues.
  • Removal of all bad spam techniques, Black Hat methods or any other thing which could have been affecting the website.
  • Our experts make it sure that each and every bad link is removed effectively.
  • In cases, even after many attempts our experts are unable to contact the website owner or are these owners are not supportive to do that, we will provide your detailed report of those link profiles as well.
  • Complete report will be provided about those links which have been successfully removed.
  • Once most of the bad links are removed or deleted from the website, it automatically get saved from being penalised.
  • Once approximately 80% links are removed or deleted, We will file for reconsideration in Google Webmaster Tools.
  • Our service is a monthly service and you can anytime unsubscribe or cancel it.

The minimum charge for this plan is $300 USD for upto 1000 back link removal. Please contact us for a customized plan for you.

Google Panda recovery Service

What to get back on top?

Google Panda algorithm recent hit on websites with poor, copied, duplicate or scrapped content and websites with more advertisement and images at the top.

These are among the few areas that Panda algorithm focuses on and penalize your site if found in violation

  • Low quality and is mostly irrelevant content, copied or duplicated .
  • Low quality backlinks leading to unnatural linking.
  •  Unfriendly & complex site user interface  and navigation method
  • Google indexing of unnecessary pages.
  • Deficient patterning of SEO
  • Black Hat SEO Techniques

Panda update leaves you with no other option but to seek an expert help to regain your lost position in Google rankings. You can consider our Panda recovery package and our experts will do following get you back where you were.

  • Baseline Rank Check
  • Google Webmaster Tools and Analytics Review for traffic fall
  • Copyscape your site pages to find delicacy
  • Run our crawlers to discover and analyze low quality content issues
  • Recommending pages removal/updation of low quality or duplicate content with fresh content
  • Help block the crawl of pages which can’t be fixed
  • Resubmit the XML sitemap in webmaster tools for review

Please contact us to know more about our pricing and time schedule 

Why To Look For Best Web Designing Company

Before designing the websites all you do that you create a basic idea and approach a web designing company.  It’s very important to know that Web designing is one of the important aspects of online business promotion campaign. To initiate first ever online business campaign or to remain shoulder to shoulder with the current changes in the market and technology, web designing is important.

You can keep pace up with the changes only if you have properly designed websites that is explanative, interactive and attractive. A good web designing company makes it possible.

People think that web development and web designing is a different thing. They are different in concepts but not in their execution. Web designing is all about look, feel, content and interaction and development is about making them possible. Designing paves way to development. Hence it is very important to acquire services of a good web designing company.

The design of the web sites must be user friendly and user engaging. It must have professional tone and should bear the colors of your company. The web design must match the color pattern of the logo and nature of products and services. There is lot of thinking process that has to be done while doing it. PcPatchers Technology does that for you. We are the web designing company you look out for as we are client feedback driven process.

PcPatchers Technology believes in its clients and strives to provide best web designing and development solutions. We keep the web designing dynamic and make to flexible to be changed with changing trends.

Web Development? Let Us Back You The Best

PcPatchers Technology is one the finest company which provides the complete web solution for your all kinds of problems. If you have any question about Website designing, Internet marketing, Website development, Technical support or Mobile application, we are your destination for the best support with the best solution. Of course! Our experts at PcPatchers Technology are well equipped with all the modern tools and techniques which is required to help you out with the best possible ways.

Website Designing:

in order to provide the new heights to your business you need a website which can help you grow in the industry. Your website needs to be designed in such a way that it should lay a good impression on the viewers so that it may fetch great business to you.  We offer custom website design, e-commerce website design, logo design and branding, and outsource website design. From this range you can choose the kind of website you need.

Internet Marketing:

Internet marketing is one of the most important factors in the current time which surely helps to flourish your business to the new altitude. One of the  easiest ways to promote any business is the internet marketing which saves  a lot of time and money  and fetch the results in a very short time period.Our proficient team will support you with every possible aspect as we are expert in  Search Engine Marketing,Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing,Pay per click, Domain Name Hosting, Online Management.

Mobile Application:

We deliver the excellent support for your mobile application which includes Mobile app solution, Android development, iPhone development, blackberry app development. Let it be any type of development or updation regarding your mobile, you get authentic support from PcPatchers Technology.

Technical Support:

We provide tremendous technical support in Australia, Canada, USA, and Great Britain. If you face any kind of difficulty with your computers or mobile phones, leave that to us and our professional squad will take care of that. No matter whatever the problems you face regarding software issues our dedicated  and disciplined technicians are skilled enough to tackle that to provide you the complete satisfaction. We are ready to assist you at any point of time whenever you need a help. We are available 24×7 with the best solution.